Sunday, December 9, 2012

We're going to Thailand and Belfast!

Hello! On behalf of the YWAM Harpenden September 2012 DTS's outreach team to Thailand and Belfast (that's quite a mouthful, I know), welcome to our blog!

We're glad you've found your way here -- whether you're family, friend or an internet-meandering YWAMer, this blog is for you. Whilst we're serving and loving communities on our continent-hopping voyage, we want you - as parents, supporters and loved ones - to know what we're getting up to! It's our way of keeping in touch during this undoubtedly busy season. 

We fly out to Thailand tomorrow morning (10/12/2012) and will be hitting the ground running as soon as we land in Bangkok. As far as a rough outline of our time is concerned, we'll be spending the first six weeks of our outreach in Thailand and the last three weeks in Northern Ireland's beautiful capitol, Belfast. We'll have more details on what we're up to and what God is doing in both of these lovely nations as we move into action, and we're thrilled to invite you to read, what will hopefully be, weekly updates on our journey. Thank you for mobilising us and making all of this possible! 

We've only just begun this outreach and are excited to keep you updated on our adventures. Please tune in often or send this page to people you think might find this helpful!